For that special heirloom to remember our college days we now have the official ATO Commemorative Coins!  After our college years pass us by what do we have to remind us of all the many great memories with our Brothers?.....a beer mug, a sweatshirt?  Here is your chance to own an exclusive limited edition silver and bronze commemorative proof coin set now available to all ATOs!
I have been in the numismatic field of coins for quite sometime and am pleased to offer my Brothers these beautiful 99.9% silver proof ATO Commemorative Coins.  Sponsored by an ATO, Minted by an ATO, For an ATO
Silver and Bronze Coin Set $55 (2 coins)                                                                                                   The ATO Money Clip is $45
Any engraving is an additional $ engraving on money clips
$4.00 for shipping & handling
I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 
Since 1967 we have been a numismatic source for every collector, from the beginner to the advanced collector. Email us your questions or want list!  We have coins from all over the World:  Please visit our website 
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